T’ai Chi


T’ai Chi

T’ai chi can help you with relaxation and stress management through gentle movement and is regarded as one of the most effective exercises for the health of mind and body. It is often described as ‘meditation in motion’.

This is a low-impact, slow-motion exercise, where participants move through a series of motions, without pausing. The movements are usually circular and are never forced. Muscles are relaxed rather than tensed, and joints are never fully extended or bent. As such, t’ai chi is easily adapted to an individual’s abilities, from the fittest to those recovering from surgery or confined to wheelchairs. These movements are combined with deep breathing, which aids in pumping oxygen more efficiently around the body, leaving participants feeling lighter and free from fatigue. 

Studies have shown that t’ai chi improves muscular strength, flexibility, fitness, improved immunity and pain relief. 

As with all of our services at Cork ARC Cancer Support House, t’ai chi is offered free of charge however, booking is required.

If you would like to find out more about T’ai Chi or to book your place, please get in contact.