Support for Children of Parents with Cancer


CLIMB® – Childrens’ Lives Include Moments of Bravery

Are you worried about what to say to your children about cancer?

Cork ARC offers the CLIMB® Programme for children aged six to eleven years old who are experiencing the impact of a parents’ or significant others’ cancer diagnosis. 

The aim of the CLIMB® Programme is to build a child’s strengths and to embrace their abilities to cope with their feelings when cancer happens at home. The title CLIMB® simply stands for: Children’s Lives Include Moments of Bravery. 

CLIMB® is based on mental health promotion. Through fun, art, and play children learn about cancer and express their feelings about it. 

CLIMB® helps your child: 

  • To understand a cancer diagnosis by providing information on cancer
  • To learn how to express their feelings and emotions, and how to cope with these feelings 
  • To cope with the changes they are experiencing at home
  • To feel the support of a social group with other children and families who are experiencing a similar situation.

If you would like to find out more about the CLIMB® programme, visit our events calendar or get in contact with us.