Moving on in Wellness Support Group


Moving on in Wellness Support Group

Moving on in Wellness is a support group open to women who have had a breast cancer diagnosis. 

This support group aims to encourage participants to live their lives in wellness and is facilitated by Fiona Moriarty, Cork ARC’s Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor, along with another trained facilitator. 

The group is facilitated to create a safe space where people who are finished their cancer treatment can share experiences. This is an eight-week programme which will include information and group work to support you in your rehabilitation. 

Research demonstrates that attending a group can enhance your recovery. Our programme for this breast cancer support group will give you the chance to talk to other people in a similar situation and learn from each other ways of managing the difficulties experienced with cancer. 

As always, this service is free of charge. 

Our Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor, Fiona Moriarty, provides information, practical and emotional support for patients with breast cancer and their relatives. This support is available at any stage of the cancer journey.



“Nothing helps as much as the shared experience.”

“I felt strangely alone when my treatment ended, so I joined the Cork ARC breast cancer support group. It was so helpful to hear other people’s experiences and realise I was not alone – knowing that what you feel is both normal and natural.”

Moving on In Wellness Participants

To find out more about our breast cancer support group, contact our Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor, Fiona Moriarty.